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Candidate Surveys for November 3, Blmn. City Council Election

Bloomington Sustainability Champions

BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS:  Next Tuesday,11/3 elections are being held in districts 1 and 2 as well as for At Large and Mayor.
As part of the Bloomington Sustainability Coalition’s education efforts on sustainability issues, we administer and publish a Sustainability Candidate Survey for city council and mayoral elections.  This survey contains sustainability issues that we believe are of interest to Bloomington residents.  To see the results, click on the links below:

You may be surprised by some of the answers.

YOUR VOTE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!  Turnout is typically low for municipal elections so every vote makes a difference.  In the last election, one council seat was decided by 1 vote.




Organizing for Action at Rep Paulsen office in Eden Prairie


We The People Petition by award winning birder, Laura Erickson

Award winning birder Laura Erickson creates a We the People petition to the White House. These need 100,000 signatures to get a response.

Winner of the Roger Tory Peterson Award for “a lifetime of achievements in promoting the cause of birding” is Laura Erickson of Duluth, Minnesota. Laura has for many years reached out to non-birders to encourage their interest in birds and birding through the publication of numerous popular books accessible to the average citizen, a radio program that has run without stop since 1986, and a regular column in BirdWatching magazine. Laura is also a contributor to the ABA Blog.

So if you care about birds, animals and what some of the oil spills are doing to our environment please sing on.


Hope all will sign on and also tell their friends.Image

Tiny URL to We the People Petition–


Meet & Greet

Join with members of the Bloomington Sustainability Coalition (BSC) to meet after work to meet other like minded people who want a more Sustainable Bloomington and world.  This is just a casual event to meet others.

Place- Shantytown 

8512 Pillsbury Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55420

When: 4th Tuesday of the month

Time: 5:30PM ~7:30 pm

Educate yourself about what Bloomington is doing in regard to Sustainability.

Hope you will checkout the sustainability portion of the Imagine Bloomington 2025. 

Do you think Bloomington is doing enough about Climate Change?  Express concerns to the new city council.

Bloomington City Council Candidate Surveys Posted.

To assist voters in evaluating the candidates for the Bloomington City Council, the Bloomington Sustainability Coalition endeavored to survey the 10 city council candidates on a number of critical sustainability issues in the areas of planning, water, solid waste, and transportation.  In many cases we sat down with candidates individually to discuss and clarify the questions and to listened to and help clarify their answers.  In all cases the candidates have approved what has been posted.  Only 2 candidates choose not to respond.

Target Corporation takes steps to sustainable product transparency.

Target is taking an important step toward greater transparency, which we hope will lead to more sustainable and innovative products.

The Target Sustainable Product Standard, which was developed over the last two years in partnership with industry experts, vendors and NGOs, will help establish a common language, definition and process for qualifying what makes a product more sustainable.

Using GoodGuide’s UL Transparency Platform, Target will collect information from vendors and evaluate a product’s qualities against set criteria.